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Our valuable services include-

1.    Basement Waterproofing: Basement areas are most prone to moisture which in turn makes it important to waterproof them. Our team at High Build Waterproofing Solutions starts from the scratch i.e. identifying where the moisture comes from. After getting to the root cause, work is conducted accordingly in a stepwise manner.

•    Interior Waterproofing: Whether there are cracks in the walls of the basement or constant moisture occurrence, our high-quality sealants and coatings can fix it all.

•    Exterior Waterproofing: When moisture is causing issues from outside of the foundation, our team applied our waterproofing products from outside so that it doesn’t spread the virus to the entire concrete structure.

•    Interior and Exterior drainage: When moisture is bothering you every now and then, our team focuses on installing a proper drainage system so that the moisture either on the outside or on the inside slides its way through the drainage system.

2.    Wall Waterproofing: Walls form the main foundation of any structure. Protecting walls from the seeping moisture is a must do a job for a long life of your buildings. Our team will help you get to the root cause of the problem and fix your walls by applying high-quality coatings that will last longer than your standard paints.

We generally prefer applying thick coatings of waterproofing agents with good drying properties so that the work is done quickly. Then our team moves on by applying another layer of waterproofing agent coating which makes it thick enough to resist any algae or other dust accumulation. 

3.    Roof Waterproofing: How many times, our roofs start leaking either due to water accumulation or rain? I guess a lot of times! High Build Waterproofing Solutions help you secure your homes and offices by providing a high-end solution to roof leakages.

Before starting over with waterproofing, the team makes sure to clean your roof from all the dust particles accumulated on it. Once cleaned, we start by applying thick coats of waterproofing agents that are unaffected by physical factors such as sunlight or rain and then insulation is applied on the roof so that the inside temperature stays cool in hot weather.

4.    Swimming Pool Waterproofing: Leakages around the swimming pool, is a common occurrence. And it becomes important to fix them when you wish to keep your pool clean and ideal for swimming. For the same reason, our team is there to help you identify reasons for such leakages and eliminate them forever.

We start with cleaning the swimming pool thoroughly with fresh water, and after that, our work is to apply various layers of waterproofing agents to the walls of the pool. Once the layers are dried off, we conduct a waterproofing test and on completion of it, coverage of waterproofed wall with tiles is undergone.

5.    Water tank Waterproofing: Over time, tanks become prone to accumulation of algae and fungus which in turn can ruin your health to a great extent. What becomes important here is waterproofing, so that you can use healthy water for drinking and other purposes.

Our work starts with cleaning your tanks thoroughly and then we move on to filling in the cracks and other damages with mortar. Once the mortar settles down, applying waterproofing agents of high quality is done so that it doesn’t affect the quality and the taste of water.